I Forgot To Ask God


Spiritual Formation

Unprotected, my unquenchable desire
challenges my footsteps
in a field full of thorns and nettle

Nature calls upon my heart
Love stronger than hate;
the healer for my pure being--

My injury, a frozen poem,
sowing hope on my clumsily joyful spirit.

Night spits me out from her darkness,
my many masks unfold,
in front of my God my truth
I cannot deny.
No doubt, my devotion
announces my engagement with the
spiritual formation.

Tuned to my journey
I kiss the bird, I feel the texture
of a flower--

The moon in flames, the sun in tears
inside of me move uncertain
unknown my shadow bears witness
to my struggles and pains.

Breathlessly, with folded arms,
I protest I hold nothing

With every morning light a new beginning
settles in my endless horizon.

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