Breaking the Cycle


Do You Know Why?

Do you know why Johnny is aggressive and disobeys
and has a hard time conforming to social norms?
Mary, who's experiencing excessive depression
and refuses to play and doesn't go out of her home?

Do you know why Brian speaks out of turn--
he's restless, impulsive, doesn't pay attention at all?
Virginia, who complains about pains and headaches,
she's afraid and refuses to leave her mother alone?

Do you know why Steve bangs his head, bites his skin,
pulls his hair and his language is hard to comprehend?
Jennifer, who washes her hands a million times
and changes her clothes every hour of the day?

Do you know why Alexi has a hard time adapting to new
situations and doesn't fit his parents' expectations?
Sonia, who's having a hard time in spelling and math,
her parents say her brain is impaired.

Do you know why, Mom and Dad, children have problems?
It could be because of their genes
and also be the environment they live in.
But I tell you, Mom, Dad, with love and devotion
problems don't have to be big--
Love and devotion do make problems shrink.

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