Thoughts...Love...And You


Letter to Love

Farewell, Love, along with your heartbeats.
I will be filled with despair and pain.
You have whitened my hair, tied me in a
knot with your pathos.
Now, Love, go elsewhere;
take new hearts for your hostage,
and let Aphrodites' son pull his
arrow once again.
I have been forgotten in your black nets.
Within a glass of saness you have baptized me.
Therefore, farewell, Love...
I, no longer worship you.
You are a wild storm that has
exhausted my heart.
Farewell, Love. I cross you out of my mind.
With pleasure I have squeezed you like grapes.
Eternally drunk, I'm telling you.
Love, pick up your nets.
You have stripped me with your vines.

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